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My Mobile App


Is a secure Mobile App that you can download to your smartphone for free. It will guide you on the road to health and will help you prepare for your procedure.
You will find the various instructions you need to follow before undergoing… The App helps you to prioritise all the steps you need to take before intervening.



Sign your documents

Read and sign directly on your smartphone your informed consent, the quote made by your surgeon and your pre-admission documents.


Make appointments

Make an appointment with the anesthesiologist-resuscitator and schedule other medical appointments such as with the physiotherapist.



You will be shown how to prepare your suitcase, take a shower before admission, etc.

Mobile App Oneday

However, it also concerns items with information about your operation and your day-to-day post-operation (on your return home).

A book that will answer your questions and allow you to take the time to absorb all the information you have received during your consultation and when you return home.

‘ONEDAY App allows you to be connected with your surgeon and secretary, and securely exchange administrative information throughout your care journey.’

A single nurse for a unique role:
You will never be alone!

7 actions of the STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator who acquires an Orthopaedic Studio® licence.

Following the surgeon’s request for treatment, the Nurse Coordinator will be with you throughout your care journey, both before and after your operation.


STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator calls you, assesses your needs and explains to you how your treatment will be carried out.


STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator manages all local players (the liberal nurse for the management of infusions, the pharmacy, the physiotherapist, the comfort equipment, the Medical social assistance, etc.) and organises the return home.


STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator meets you at your home in the 15 days prior to surgery.


The Nurse Coordinator installs the equipment and teaches you how to use it (example: splint). She will also take the time to meet with the private nurse and to inform her about the protocol set up by the surgeon.


After the surgery, the STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator checks in on you at D+1 and ensures that the care is running smoothly.


STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator provides 24/7 on-call care for home infusions and follow-up care until healing.


At the end of care, STUDIOSANTÉ® Nurse Coordinator makes a report and provides feedback to the surgeon.

Contact your physiotherapist before the procedure!


You will recover more quickly if you are better prepared before the operation. The goals of the preparatory rehabilitation are:

  • Increase in muscle strength, joint amplitude and functional capacity.
  • Learning techniques that will be used in post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Answer all of your questions.
  • An indispensable relationship of trust with the physiotherapist from the pre-operative period with the creation of a multidisciplinary team upstream with the surgeon, anesthesiologist-resuscitator, nurse coordinator and masseur physiotherapist.

Nurse Coordinator may be able to help you find a physiotherapist if necessary.

Take your shower with Le Paréô !

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Orthopaedic Studio® – Original Series

“Everything you need to know about your surgery.”

My prosthesis and me

My prosthesis and me

Serie I | The knee
My ACL and me

My ACL and me

Serie II | The knee


My meniscus and me

Serie III | The knee

My kneecap and me

Serie IV | The knee


My osteotomy and me

Serie IV | The knee


“Everything you need to know about your surgery”

preoperative hair removal

Preoperative hair removal

preoperative hair removal

Choosing your surgeon

preoperative hair removal

The pre-anesthetic consultation

preoperative hair removal


preoperative hair removal


pack your suitcase

Packing your suitcase