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Shower with Le Paréô®, an ingenious, easy-to-use and affordable system that allows recent knee surgery but also hip and shoulder surgery to shower safely.

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Why Le Paréô®

After surgery, even the most common gestures of daily life, those you do without even paying attention to them, can be painful, or even impossible.
And for the operated patient, what is often considered superfluous, incidental, suddenly becomes the object of all concerns.
Our mission is not only to ensure professional and human coordination of care, but we also care about the comfort and well-being of the patient. This is the main reason why Orthopaedic Studio® has developed life-saving appliances including Le Paréô®.


Provide an original, practical, simple, and affordable solution to a common problem that most patients face.

le paréô

Taking a shower once or twice a day brings, after surgery, wellness, and total relaxation.
However, for many, taking a simple shower is often complicated.

  • – Am I going to mess up, wet, untie my bandage?
  • – Would I have to change it?
  • – Who’s going to help me put in a plastic bag (or sometimes a garbage bag)?
  • – By the foot?
  • – Or either, would you have to do a balancing act to put a plastic sleeve on your foot or you might rather have someone else help you?

You deserve better than a simple plastic film wrapped around the scar.

It is because we have listened to the comments and observations of thousands of patients that we have developed Le Paréô®.

Such a simple idea!

It was not just a matter of thinking about it. It was also about making it available to our patients. As it is available to you.

Using Le Paréô® is very simple and intuitive. It is made of high-quality materials and a water-repellent fabric on which the water slides without wetting. It also carries an elastic non-slip fastening band that closes with a Velcro. It has a wide range of uses. Its price is reasonable, especially now that you’re going to limit the numbers of dressings.

It can also protect you from the harmful effects of sun radiation, which is crucial during the first year after the procedure.

The proposed version is particularly suitable for knee, hip and shoulder surgery, no matter what size you are.

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