Epic story

Connecting all links of the Hospital at Home pathway to create a Clinic without Walls is the objective of Professor Philippe Neyret and Gérald Vignal’s concept.

Orthopaedic Studio was born from the union of two creative minds and the interaction of their ideas. On one side and representing Orthopeadic is Professor Philippe NEYRET, and on the other hand, and representing the Studio is Gérald VIGNAL, also founder of STUDIOSANTE® & SUITE DE SOINS®.

Philippe NEYRET, Professor of orthopedic surgery, has devoted his energy to spreading awareness of the excellence of French orthopedic surgery known throughout the world. He wanted to use his experience acquired during his professional life to optimize the hospital to home care pathway. Aware of the fact that the surgical act was only one link in the sequence, he joined in collaboration with Gérald to create an ecosystem around the orthopedic surgery patient.

Gérald is specialized in the organization of hospital at home care and knows how to coordinate and how to connect all links of the sequence. Since 2000, Gérald is considered in France as one of the pioneers of Hospital At Home care coordination in the private sector.

Their vision… To democratize and make possible short hospitalization!

Philippe and Gérald were able to put together a multi-disciplinary team and develop a totally new concept: Clinic without Walls. Talents from very different and complementary backgrounds: digital developers, lawyers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, osteopaths, have gathered around the Orthopaedic Studio® project.

We are Orthopaedic Studio® and we have brought a modern and contemporary vision of Clinic without Walls.

Pr Philippe Neyret

Orthopedic surgeon,
University Professor

Gérald Vignal

Creator of health networks, Hospital at Home