We make the life of the surgeon a lot easier. We help you save time and give you peace of mind.

The philosophy of Orthopaedic Studio® is based on a simple, safe and humanized coordination of patient care. We take care of your patient all the way through. From his decision to undergo a surgery until his return to mobility.

To zero pain

Orthopaedic Studio® is firmly committed to a multi-modal approach.

Orthopaedic Studio® Project

“The patient is at the heart of the project”


Patient decision making


Before hospitalization




After hospitalization


Back to mobility

This vision was born from exchanging ideas between Gérald Vignal founder of STUDIOSANTE® and Professor Philippe Neyret from SUITE DE SOINS®. With more than 20 years of experience, they have built a scientific and logistics team that we invite you to join.

This project was initiated for orthopedic surgery and more specifically for the knee. Today it is applied to all joints and extended to all medico-surgical disciplines.

Four concepts underlie a coordinated organization

Clinic without Walls is about transforming the millions of French households into a home care suite. The few thousand aftercare and rehabilitation centers are now giving way to millions of Clinics without Walls that we call studios.

The patient becomes a member of the team. He is at the center of the device. He is the main actor in his own treatment. It is important to remember that he is the only one being present at all stages, at each of the 5 steps.

The Studio is a real Acute Care delivery at home that makes it possible to provide information booklets, medications, splints and daily life tools. Also, it allows to coordinate the action of doctors, private home nurse, pharmacist and physiotherapist for each patient. Everything is already there but the connections between the parties still need to be linked.

D0-D1-D2 concept means much more than day surgery. It is also about the optimization and securing of short stays. For Orthopaedic Studio®, what really matters is that the patient returns home as quickly as possible without compromising the quality and security of care.

It is not just about concepts but of adapting to real life with the difficulties that each patient is facing. The patient may feel a bit lost and left to his own devices without the creation of his personal “STUDIO” which is placed under the control of the Nurse Coordinator, a true health manager. She is the leader for all treatments and has the art of directing the best performance.

  • Professionalism is on the agenda. Amateurism is out of the question in an area as sensitive as health.
  • Humanization is also one of the values that Orthopaedic Studio® has put at the center of its device with the Nurse Coordinator.

His field of action and coordination has greatly increased in Orthopaedic Studio®.

Orthopaedic Studio® will also make a difference in the lives of the surgeon and his secretary. What a relief for the two of them to have a single, secure and reliable contact person who also provides feedback!

In practice, the patient comes in for a medical appointment. This is time the patient encounters the surgeon. The surgeon looks into the patient. He shall take note of the examinations in progress and prescribe other examinations if necessary.

He makes a diagnosis. He prescribes a treatment and informs. Sometimes, this information is not properly understood. Booklets, the Original Series, allow the patient to find answers to most of the practical questions. These booklets are at your disposal. They will become progressively available online. As a result of this, the informed patient can sign the informed consent and validate the quotation given by the surgeon. When that happens, the secretary can open the door of the studio.

Orthopaedic Studio® takes control, checks out and coordinates all the following steps of the whole treatment procedure. For the surgeon and his secretary as well as for the patient, everything is organized. The secretary communicates to the Orthopaedic Studio® Nurse Coordinator all details concerning the patient as civil state, contact information and therapeutic project.

The nurse coordinator manages the three indivisible paths: the health path, the care path and the life path.
This is the concept of Acute Care Delivery at Home, Clinic without Walls. The nurse care coordinator communicates with the surgeon and provides him with feedback, a nursing report. She is also in contact with the patient’s referring doctor.

For the management of these three paths, there are two Mobile Apps and one partciular service available.

  1. Oneday App is designed for the patient and detailed in the “I am a patient” section.
  2. Aladin’s Lamp & Co is a user-friendly tool that facilitates the prescription and secure it. The main use of the ALADIN Lamp are explained in section « I am surgeon ». Among the prescriptions, it is key to insist on the infusion of analgesic drugs at home that are due to the same efficacy as a medical treatment in the hospital. In the same way, the Nurse Coordinator makes sure that the patient has the splint and canes that have been prescribed by the surgeon. She teaches the patient how to use the splint and how to place ice properly.
  3. MEDICIAL, an Orthopaedic Studio® partner company, provides access to a network of social workers through a single number. At preferential rates, Médicial handles administration, reimbursements, informs the patient of his social rights, and provides personal assistants, meal delivery, etc. Médicial takes care of the patient’s life. The Nurse Coordinator triggers the use of the social worker as part of the life cycle.

Orthopaedic Studio® is 30 million potential Clinic without Walls with an individual studio in each which is set up by the coordinating nurse for a D0-D1-D2 concept.

  • It also means allowing the surgeon, through the instructions, prescriptions, and protocols that he has chosen himself to take back control of the patient’s three pathways. Orthopaedic Studio also assists the surgeon and his secretary at this start-up stage.
  • There are many tools:
    • Patient information booklets (series written by a Scientific Committee),
    • Mobile Apps,
    • Assistance in obtaining equipment, splints, daily life products,
    • Paramedical networks (nurses, physiotherapists, and social workers),
    • Training, national communication and logistical support.

Orthopaedic Studio offers a new model of simple, secure, and humanized management for a short hospitalization of the patient.

Aladin’s Medic App

Compliant with GDPR, CNIL, data security, etc.

ALADIN Lamp & Co is a Mobile App for surgeons and doctors (hospitals, clinics, treatment staff, interns, assistants, etc.).

ALADIN Lamp & Co is a secure App that allows you to write and sign your prescriptions based on your protocols, directly on your Smartphone. As soon as the request for care is received, the hospital at home coordinating nurse sends you a notification on your smartphone. You can then sign the prescriptions, written directly on your Smartphone.

Get organized

With only 3 clicks, you organize the discharge of your patient.


With Aladin Lamp & Co you can easily create and send your recipes with your secure digital signature directly on your Smartphone. There are various fields to fill out, such as name of medical drugs, dosage, length of treatment, medical device, identity of the patient and prescriber.

Aladin Lamp & Co

Nurse at the heart of the journey

A hospital at home nurse coordinator takes over and manages the care of your patient with all the health professionals in town (pharmacist, private nurse, etc.).

Care protocols

Your care protocols are recorded, as are your various prescriptions (infusions to prevent pain, prevention of thrombosis, but also the prescription of splints, etc.).

Simple, intuitive and easy to use, Aladin Lamp & Co has seduced many doctors and surgeons throughout France. Your recipes are safe and tracked. The App is secured by a health host approved by the Ministry of Health. The legislative framework is respected.
ALADIN’s Lamp & Co care pathway is doubly certified: Iso 9001 and Quali’PSAD.
ALADIN Lamp & CO is the direct link between the surgeon and the Orthopaedic Studio® nurse coordinator.

“Your self-care app

That keeps

you going every day”

Preoperative rehabilitation

« If the patient is better prepared for the procedure beforehand, he will recover faster. »

Did you know? In 2008, the HAS recommended 10 operative rehabilitation sessions before the operation to place a total knee prosthesis.


This is a major challenge for Orthopaedic Studio®. Just like in a hospital department or a clinic, all stakeholders, health professionals must be properly trained. These trainings are carried out with the support of MR (Relational Medicine).


Agency managers and coordinating nurses undergo several weeks of training.


The surgeon and his secretary are trained in both apps, Oneday® and Aladin’s Lamp & co. They can customize their app on their own and unique way.


Evening debates for physiotherapists.


The patient will find in the booklets reliable and complete information, easy to understand.


Private nurses joining the network receive training on healing as well as implementing and monitoring home injections. Coordinating nurses are trained in the use of splints.

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