To zero pain

’’We must move to zero pain at home’’

Orthopaedic Studio® has taken a multimodal approach.

A multidisciplinary team of anesthetists, doctors from pain centers and surgeons with the expertise of STUDIOSANTÉ®, enable us to offer protocols that aim for zero pain.

Everything must be done to avoid the occurrence of painful reactions by combining the administration methods available to us. Oral medication, infusion, analgesic, patch, pump, but also by associating with anti-inflammatory drugs, icing, adapted rehabilitation, prevention of bleeding…

Not everyone is equal when it comes to feeling pain.

Suspension of the anaesthesia must go hand in hand with a resumption of analgesic prescriptions. This is an essential element in order not to break the pain relief treatment. Whatever the length of hospitalization, returning home does not have to mean the end of analgesic prescriptions.

’’We, Orthopaedic Studio, work with pain specialists, orthopedic surgeons and nurses to move to zero pain at home.’’

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